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force decks

Asymmetries in Isometric Force-Time Characteristics Are Not Detrimental to Change of Direction Speed

Abstract  Asymmetries in isometric force-time characteristics are not detrimental...

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witty sem

The influence of fatigue on decision-making in athletes: a systematic review

Abstract A potential challenge associated with sports is that...

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Are there two forms of isometric muscle action? Results of an experimental study.

Are there two forms of isometric muscle action? Results...

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Assisted Nordic

Scheduling of Eccentric Lower-limb Injury Prevention Exercises during the Soccer micro-cycle: Which day of the week?

Abstract Scheduling eccentric-based injury prevention programs (IPP) during the...

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hamstring solo

Hip and trunk muscles activity during nordic hamstring exercise

Abstract The nordic hamstring exercise (NHE) is a dynamic...

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acl pcl rehabilitation

New insights to ACL/PCL rehabilitation in professional football players

Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide and one...

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hamstring training

The razor curl: a functional approach to hamstring training

Abstract This study examined the effectiveness of a functional...

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