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10 Vertimax Exercises You Should Be Doing

Here are 10 VertiMax exercises to add to your...

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Toro Pro Tape

It’s a tape thing – Toro Pro Tape

Toro Pro tape has the malleability to support athletes...

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Rosslyn Park National School 7s

Rosslyn Park National School 7s with Perform Better

Rosslyn Park National School 7s took place in March...

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Lyceum 10

Perform Better Official Sponsor of Areté Performance

Perform Better have been announced as the official sponsor...

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Perthshire Rugby

Perthshire Rugby – Another Fine Installation We’ve Got Ourselves Into

Perform Better have recently finished another quality install, this...

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Performance Catalogue

The new Perform Better 2019 Sports Performance Catalogue has arrived

Performance Catalogue 2019 Every year we expand our product...

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Shona McCallin PB

Me and my #PB

“PB….. What does that mean to you?” By Shona...

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Vyper 2.0 Tom Savage

Tom Savage talks Vyper 2.0

Vyper 2.0 Tom Savage talks about his pre and...

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Jake Polledri

Jake Polledri Joins Perform Better UK Ambassador Programme

Perform Better have teamed up with Gloucester Rugby’s Italian...

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Sports Scientist Matt Hampson

The Matt Hampson Foundation Day with a Sports Scientist

Perform Better’s Sport Scientist Ross Manester gives his feedback...

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