GB Rowing Using Catapult Technology

GB Rowing Using Catapult Technology
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Catapult Technology was developed in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport and the first ever unit developed was to monitor the Australian Rowing Team. Using a combination of GPS and accelerometers the Catapult Rowing Software package can calculate boat speed, distance, distance per stroke plus a number of other rowing specific parameters. The gyroscopes built into the B4/B5 units can measure roll, pitch and yaw and can there, therefore, look at how stable the hull of the boat is during a race.

In 2011 British Rowing in combination with the English Institute of Sport invested in Catapult Technology to track their National Squads in both training and races. Since then British Rowing has added to their Catapult systems and continue to use them on a daily basis.  Over the past 5 years, British Rowing has become the dominant force in World Rowing and topped the Rowing Medal table in London 2012 with 9 medals having won 6 in Beijing in 2008 and 4 in Athens in 2004. Other National Rowing Squads using Catapult include US, Sweden, Spain, Norway, and Japan. British Rowing is hopeful that they will again top the medal table in Rio later this year with the help of Catapult Technology.

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