Hyperice launches two new Bluetooth-enabled massage guns

Hyperice launches two new Bluetooth-enabled massage guns
These massage guns connect to an app to help you recover from a tough workout.

Hyperice, one of the biggest names in recovery and massage guns, launched two new products and an app. The Hypervolt Bluetooth and Hypervolt Plus Bluetooth are new massage guns designed to pair with the new Hyperice smartphone app, which allows you to choose custom routines curated by fitness experts and pro athletes such as celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and former Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

The Hyperice app can also connect to Strava or Apple Health, using their workout and movement data to customise a warm-up or recovery routine based on what activities you did that day. When I spoke to Hyperice CEO Jim Huether, he said the brand plans to integrate with more health-tracking apps and wearables in the near future.

The Hyperice app offers custom, data-driven warm-up, recovery and body maintenance routines that use data from your health tracker. You can also manually input preferences and activities in the app. When I tried the app paired with a Hypervolt Bluetooth massage gun, I selected a "Neck and Traps" routine from the app and it led me through a routine, with the massage gun speed and timing controlled by the app.

As you use the massage gun with the app program, you can watch a video to see exactly where you should place the gun. The app also features a HyperSmart Score, which is based on the data pulled from Strava or Apple Health, and from your recovery routines in the app, to show you how well you're sticking to your recommended warm-up and recovery routines.

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