Introducing the Hypervolt Plus

Introducing the Hypervolt Plus
Hypervolt Plus, a high-performance based iteration of the popular Hypervolt, has 30% more motor intensity, designed to attract the power-seeking enthusiasts looking to take their recovery to the next level. The new, all black, sleek design of the Hypervolt Plus has the same beloved benefits of the Hypervolt, including:

  • Increases range of motion, circulation and blood flow

  • Helps relieve muscle pain, stiffness and soreness

  • Accelerates warmup and recovery

The hand-held device weighs only 3 pounds and features a powerful high-torque motor with Hyperice’s Quiet Glide Technology, three speed settings, a rechargeable battery and five interchangeable head attachments – making it the most powerful and quietest percussion massage device on the market. The Hypervolt Plus’s powerful motor makes it a must-have device for elite athletes, triathletes, performance seekers and those undergoing hard core training who are looking to advance their recovery routine with additional power.

“Hyperice first started as a company inspired to help the world’s most elite athletes recover and perform better, and in the recent years we have introduced products that would also help the everyday person move and feel better,” said Anthony Katz, Founder of Hyperice. “We developed the Hypervolt Plus to reach our core market of elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, who require more advanced recovery devices.”

The Hypervolt Plus has three settings (low, medium, high) and can help ease any soreness you might have after a tough week of workouts. The brand claims you get over two hours of use per charge. With the uptick in intensity, this version is intended for serious athletes or those that exercise regularly.

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