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Performance Brands

From S&C to recovery to sports science, Perform Better always strive to be at the cutting edge of product development and supply.


Famous for their Optojump and Witty products, Microgate provides top-of-the-range sporting equipment.


GymAware is the leading tool to measure barbell performance, velocity and power.


Reinventing strength training with Flywheel devices.

PB Strength

Leading the way in performance strength training for over 14 years.


The most effective sports performance and athletic performance training equipment.

Run Rocket

The Run Rocket mimics the natural resistance an athlete feels when free-running, just amplified.

VALD Performance

VALD Performance is dedicated to improving human measurement.


Creating technology to help athletes and teams perform to their true potential.


Cordless, state-of-the-art percussive massage devices that help alleviate soreness and relax stiff muscles.

1080 Motion

Test and rehabilitation equipment for resistance training. Improve and measure force, power and speed.


Pure cold. Finnish people have always known that cold is good for you.


A full cable training experience that is built for any space and enables athletes of all kinds to become stronger.


Reach true excellence with a world-leading flash reflex training system.

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