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Hartpury College

Hartpury College is a further education college and associate faculty of the University of the West of England situated in the village of Hartpury, Gloucestershire.

Hartpury College selected Perform Better as their preferred supplier to install and design their specialist strength and conditioning suite.

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"The Gym has enhanced our reputation as a University, but also within our S&C Department it has enhanced our teaching and we have seen a huge increase in student engagement since the project was completed. As it is purpose built for the needs of the students it gives them a respect and apprection that Hartpury are working hard for them and can give them the best opportunity to succeed."

Ben Drury - Programme Manager Sports Conditioning and Injury Management & Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning.


The facility was designed to give lecturers more of an ability to teach new concepts in which they may have been restricted previously, with the amount of equipment within the gym it allows all students to work at the same time.

Another fundamental area of the project was the Monitoring and Testing Equipment.  Hartpury invested in Optojump, Activio and iThlete, as a result the students are able to use the same equipment that is currently in the professional sports industry during their studies.

Students and lecturers are incredibly proud of their college and we strived to ensure they were proud of this facility, this is why we had all platforms, racks and benches custom designed with their logo and college colours. As well as the aesthetic look the custom equipment gave the facility, it also reminded the students and lecturers that the college cares tremendously about their education and are willing to invest to provide the best facilities possible.


Performance Power Rack
Prone Row Benches
Performance Half racks
Performance Squat Stands
Custom Oak Insert Platforms
Hex Bars
Adjustable Benches
Elite Bars
Plyometric boxes
Plyometric Cubes
Lifting Chains
Dumbbell Racks
Olympic Discs
Prowler Sleds
Strongman Log
Acitvio 20 Belt System
Ithlete Team System for 20 Players
Optojump Next Jump System
Micro FET2