Huddersfield Town FC

Huddersfield Town FC completed a redevelopment of their Canalside Training facility

The project included new changing rooms, a Strength and Conditioning Room and a large Cardio-Vascular/Functional Room. With Perform Better’s vast experience of designing and equipping Football Club’s Strength and Conditioning facilities we were selected ahead of a number of other companies to design and equip the two rooms.

The Strength Room includes:

2 x Performance Half Racks
3 x Oak Lifting Platforms
Leg Press
Calf Raise
Leg Extension
Duraflex Flooring
Olympic Bars and Discs
Dumbell Set and Rack

In the upstairs Cardio- Vascular/Functional Room the following equipment was installed:
Woodway Treadmill
15 x Spin Bikes
2 x Concept Rowers
2 x Keiser Striders
2 x Run Rocket
Upper Body Ergometer
Keiser Functional Trainer
TRX Suspension Training Station
Foam Plyo Box Set
Training Ropes

’Perform Better have supplied top quality equipment that will be a massive benefit to the squad.’

John Iga- Head of Performance, Huddersfield Town FC

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