King’s School, Worcester

King’s School, in Worcester, has sport at its heart, and provides students with a variety of sporting options, from swimming to rugby.

This was a project that developed from a small gym in a converted classroom, to a full-blown new sports centre within the school. Perform Better worked with the architects, builders and school PE staff to make sure that the gym was exactly to requirement.

After creating a 3D plan of what the gym could look like, we started by discussing the flooring. The school chose 31mm of Duraflex rubber flooring across the whole area to ensure total floor protection and better sound management. Integrated within this flooring was 15m of plyo/sprint track, an essential element for all of the staff.

The equipment chosen included our own performance weight lifting racks and ISO disco loaded single station. In addition, we added a range of CV equipment and free weights to complement the strength training section. Each area was colour coded to give clarity to the zones, making a simple flow of users around the area.

The Equipment

Performance Power Rack
Multi-function Power Rack
Squat Stands
ISO Preacher Curl
ISO Leg Extension
ISO Leg Curl
ISO Chest Press
Prone Row Bench
Life Fitness Treadmill
Life Fitness X-Trainer
Perform Better Med Balls
Perform Better Dumbells

"Perform Better worked with us on our gym development, from design stage all the way through to installation, working with architects, builders and ourselves. I would recommend them to any other school looking to develop a gymnasium facility."

Jonny Mason - King's School, Worcester.

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