Monmouth School for Boys

Monmouth School is a Boys Private School in South Wales, whose sporting heritage is strong.

The school wanted to create a dedicated Strength and Conditioning Suite for the Elite players, Talented Athletes and developing players to train.

As such two squash courts were identified as potential for development.

One court was to be a multi-functional area with Cv equipment, free weights and wall bars for band and bodyweight exercises.

The second court was to be a weight lifting centre with free standing racks, free standing platforms and bars and discs.


Multi- function area – Wattbike, Concept Rower and Ski Ergs, along with glute ham developers, dumbbells, med balls, and kettlebells.

Along the back wall – we installed three multipurpose wall bars with wings.

In the weight lifting centre – we installed free standing platforms, racks and Perform Better bars and discs.

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