University of Leeds

To support the range of sporting ability and courses at the University of Leeds, they developed a state-of-the-art Strength and Conditioning room.

After two years of planning, the University of Leeds refurbished their existing Strength and Conditioning facility at the Edge Sports Centre in December 2015. The University were keen to have the refurbished facility up and running before Christmas, which left us just 5 days between the students finishing term and the completion date.

The Flooring

Once all the old equipment had been removed, Duraflex Performance Flooring and Artificial Turf were laid to create an Olympic lifting area and a functional area for sled drag or drive work etc. The height of the turf was built up to the 31mm height of the Duraflex flooring to give a continuous working area.

The Equipment

The S & C team were unsure if they wanted individual power racks or a training rig, so we developed a bespoke mix of the two: four power racks with joining bars between each rack to allow bodyweight training and other functional work. In addition, the Optojump Jump testing system was specified, which will be connected to the screen in the gym for immediate video and data feedback to athletes. The University will also be using the Gymaware Power Testing system, which they had purchased previously, to monitor power outputs of their athletes.

Performance Power Racks x 4
Dipping, Prone Row and Grappler attachments
Joining Bars between each Rack
Adjustable Bench x 4
Eleiko Bars x 8
Eleiko Technique Bars & Discs x 4
Eleiko Olympic Training Disc Sets x 4
Farmers Walk Bars
Hex Bars x 4
Rubber Dumbell Set and Rack
Chalk Bowls
Timer Clock
Duraflex Performance Free Weights Flooring
Performance Artificial Turf Track
Optojump Jump Testing System

"At the University of Leeds we recently used Perform Better to update our S&C room and install new equipment and flooring. Their expertise and experience really helped us to find what we were looking for from our new facility and we were extremely satisfied with the high standard of customer service we received. The end product is great and we now have a facility that is fit for purpose which our coaches and athletes love to train in."

Tim Garrett, Head of Strength and Conditioning, University of Leeds

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