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Sophie Faulkner

Sophie Faulkner talks about Glute Activation

Glute Activation! You may have seen the phrase ‘Glute...

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Shona McCallin

Athlete Ambassador – Shona McCallin MBE

Rising British hockey star, Shona McCallin, began playing hockey...

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PB Ambassador Kadeen Corbin

Athlete Ambassador – Kadeen Corbin

Athlete Ambassador Profile – Kadeen Corbin Kadeen Corbin was...

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Shona McCallin

Olympic Gold Medallist, Shona McCallin MBE becomes Perform Better Ambassador.

Perform Better have teamed up with Olympic Hockey Gold...

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Kadeen Corbin

Kadeen Corbin Joins Perform Better UK Ambassador Programme

Perform Better have teamed up with England Roses Commonwealth...

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