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Sports News and Research

This is a place dedicated to producing quality articles based on the latest news and most innovative research. Our Blog section works to highlight the most popular sports stories, whereas our Research section acts as a one-stop destination for all of the latest studies on sports performance.

Plus, if you have a story or piece of research you want us to feature, simply get in touch today and we’ll do our best to include it during our next update.

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  • Five classic exercises to boost your strength

    From the Arnold press to the Bulgarian split squat,...

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    The 5 best moves to master during a TRX workout

    When it comes to TRX suspension trainer workouts, there really...

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    UKSCA Olympic

    Value of the Olympic and Paralympic sports in UK rises to £25 billion

    New research conducted to assess the combined effect of...

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    Velocity Based Training 101: Speed Up Your Workouts For Better Gains

    Focusing on speed of movement rather than percentage of...

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    The impact of coronavirus on activity levels revealed- Sport England

    The majority of physically active adults in England managed...

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    The Potential Role for Cognitive Training in Sport

    Sports performance at the highest level requires a wealth...

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    cold-water immersion

    Is cold-water immersion therapy good for recovery?

    Coaches, athletes and trainees alike often preoccupy themselves with...

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    FE Colleges

    FE Colleges helping Wales become a more active nation

    Further Education Colleges in Wales are embracing the challenge...

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