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Sport England Research

Sport England: record number of adults now physically active

A record 62.6 per cent of the adult population...

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Interested in Flywheel training? The results speak for themselves

This study showed a paradigm-shifting increase of 5.5% muscle...

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Average Concentric Velocity

Factors Related to Average Concentric Velocity of Four Barbell Exercises at Various Loads

Average Concentric Velocity Here we have an interesting study...

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How Occlusion Training Is The Next Big Fitness Trend

From time to time, we’ll hear of “the latest...

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Foam Roller

Do foam rollers actually do your body any good?

Foam rolling was once for professional athletes only. These...

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Vibration Therapy in Management of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Abstract Both athletic and nonathletic population when subjected to...

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countermovement jump research

Reliability and Sensitivity of Neuromuscular and Perceptual Fatigue Measures in Collegiate Men’s Basketball

Reliability and Sensitivity of Neuromuscular and Perceptual Fatigue Measures...

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Funding for Physiotherapy

Funding for Physiotherapy – Would the UK follow suit?

Funding for Physiotherapy as a first line treatment –...

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