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Eccentrically overloaded flywheel training increases biceps femoris long head fascicle length

Research Background Recent evidence has shown that professional soccer...

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optimal workload zone

Monitoring Training Load to Understand Fatigue in Athletes​

Abstract Many athletes, coaches, and support staff are taking...

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Stress, Sleep and Recovery in Elite Soccer

Abstract In elite soccer, players are frequently exposed to...

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Acute Kinematic and Kinetic Adaptations to Wearable Resistance During Sprint Acceleration

Abstract Acute kinematic and kinetic adaptations to wearable resistance...

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mid thigh pull rack

Assessing Muscle-Strength Asymmetry via a Unilateral-Stance Isometric Midthigh Pull

Abstract PURPOSE: To investigate the within-session reliability of bilateral-...

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Validity and reliability of inexpensive portable force plate jump height

Abstract PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: The portable force plates provide a...

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