GB Tennis Using Catapult Technology

10th August 2016


With the nature of the game of tennis changing significantly over the past 10 years with players becoming stronger, quicker and more agile it has become important to monitor their training load in much more detail. In 2011 the LTA invested in Catapult Technology to start monitoring both the top players plus the young up and coming players. With most Tennis training and matches being played indoors the LTA have been using the data from the Accelerometers to look at loading and also IMA (Internal Movement Analysis) to look at specific movements of players on court- do they move better and more efficiently one way to the other? In 2015 Andy Murray started to use Catapult Technology to monitor his loading particularly in his pre-season build up.

At London 2012 Great Britain had a highly successful Games with Andy Murray winning Gold in the Mens Singles and then also winning Gold in the Mixed Doubles with Heather Watson.

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