Hamstring injury prevention: the strength assessment in young soccer players

3rd May 2019

Interesting study assessing Eccentric Hamstring strength asymmetries with youth footballers using the Nordbord.

This research suggests that using the peak force over multiple tests may not truly identify the strength asymmetry, in fact when looking at averages over 3-5 tests the asymmetry may become greater. This would suggest fatigue levels, to what extent is unknown at current, could have an impact on the asymmetry values.

Further research to be done to identify the amount of sub-maximal repetitions required to cause the asymmetry increase thus identifying a level of fatigue that this occurs at.

Abstract “The hamstring strength training in youth soccer is relevant both for muscle injury prevention and for sprint performance increase. This study aim to assessment hamstring eccentric strength in young soccer players to know any lower limb strength asymmetries.”

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