How Costly Are Injuries To Premiership Football Teams?

10th May 2016



Our Sport Scientist Jack Faulkner investigated how clubs are affected by players injuries.
Jack wanted to discover the effect of injuries on performance in the Premier League, as it progressed he started to focus on the financial cost to the clubs.

The Cost of Injuries

The focus key areas that were looked at were:

  • Most Common Injuries
  • Length of Injury vs Number of Injuries
  • Seasonal Comparison by Club
  • Seasonal Comparison by Injury
  • Does More Money Equal Better Treatment?
  • Wage Bill in Comparison to Performance

Discussion Points:

The information provided by Jack gives a quantitative understanding of the importance for clubs to enhance their injury prevention measures for players.
The money lost through injuries could be reinvested back into the clubs in other areas.

For all graphs a look here.

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