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Xsens delivers proven motion capture and analysis systems for a large variety of users.


    Xsens was founded in 2000 by Casper Peeters and Per Slycke, both University of Twente graduates. Inspired by the possibilities of tiny motion sensors for measurement of the performance of athletes, they specialized themselves in sensor technologies and sensor fusion algorithms.

    A company was born and Xsens quickly launched its first measurement unit which was used for human motion measurement and industrial applications. Now, after more than twenty years of experience, Xsens is recognized for its motion tracking and motion capture products with best-in-class performance, outstanding quality and high ease-of-use.


    The Xsens 3D Motion Caption is a perfect analysis tool, it can be used to determine whether an athlete has a high risk of injury or even delve into how their performance can be enhanced. The Xsens portable system allows you to track the athletes on the field in their own environment using lab-quality precision. With the MVN Reports, Xsens offer sports-specific reports that allow you to carry out your analysis within a few minutes.

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