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Airofit Pro

Measure your lung function, strengthen your muscles, improve your breathing.

The Airofit PRO System consists of an Airofit Breathing Trainer and a Virtual Breathing Coach in an interactive mobile app, allowing you to train your Respiratory strength, Vital lung capacity, Anaerobic threshold, and other areas of your breathing.

The Airofit Breathing Trainer provides adjustable resistance to your respiratory muscles. It measures your breathing volumes and strength and sends data to your Virtual Breathing Coach on your smartphone.

The Virtual Breathing Coach gives you real-time guidance and feedback, and tracks your progression in various tested exercises and training programs.

Airofit Breathing Trainer is compatible with iOS 11 and Android 7, or newer devices.

£318.00 inc.Vat | £265.00 ex.VAT

SKU: PB1223A


The respiratory training system that improves your performance through tested breathing exercises. Whether you’re running, cycling, swimming or simply want overall better wellbeing. An improved respiratory system will benefit you.

Airofit begins by measuring your current vital capacity and respiratory strength to tailor all training to you specifically. Like other muscle training, Airofit adds resistance to your breathing muscles to improve efficiency and endurance. Designed by breathing experts, the app gives you live guidance to ensures all exercises are performed correctly. Like other muscle groups, your breathing muscles respond to training by becoming faster, stronger, and more efficient.

With a few simple steps, Airofit measures your current lung function within the app. This data is then combined with your age, gender, height, and weight to produce the optimal training session, using your measurements as a baseline.

Airflow resistance improves breathing muscle efficiency and endurance. Airofit Breathing Trainer provides resistance to your breathing muscles, primarily the diaphragm and intercostal muscles, making them more capable. It also tracks your breathing in real-time and sends the data directly to your smartphone.

Live feedback, guidance and progress tracking. All training sessions are developed and tested by globally recognized breathing experts. As Airofit tracks your breathing, your smartphone gives you live feedback and guidance to ensure all exercises are performed correctly.

Adjustable resistance levels ensure optimized training. Airofit contains adjustable resistance wheels for both inhale, and exhale. As you progress, you are able to increase the resistance levels, making your training more challenging and continuously developing your breathing muscles.

Your breathing muscles develop like any other muscle group. Providing additional resistance to your diaphragm and other breathing muscles increases muscular endurance. Like other muscle groups, the respiratory muscles respond to resistance training by becoming stronger, faster, and more efficient.

The Airofit PRO System consists of an Airofit Breathing Trainer and a Virtual Breathing Coach in an interactive mobile app, allowing you to train your Respiratory Strength, Accessible Lung Capacity, Anaerobic Threshold, and other areas of your breathing.