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Duratrain 70mm Premium Flooring

Duratrain 70mm Premium Flooring is virtually indestructible.  The rubber fitness flooring tiles are designed for a range of applications, from heavy use weight rooms to high impact health clubs.

The result of extensive testing, engineering and a patented three-stage compression molding process, Duratrain tiles are backed by a best in industry limited lifetime warranty.

Oak and synthetic lifting platforms can be built into Duratrain flooring to create a safe lifting environment with no trip hazards.

Pricing below is per square metre for 70mm tile.

32mm and 51mm also available.




Over 15 years of designs, formulations and modifications have resulted in a truly unique flooring solution that’s flexible, durable, safe, and cost effective.

The tiles are made from 100% recycled truck tyre rubber, which is environmentally safe, more durable than car tyres and be recycled again at the end of its lifecycle.

The unique compression installation technique prevents tiles from shifting or separating, and small chamfered edges prevent any dirt build up.

Set your facility apart with the innovative look and feel that you can only get with Duratrain.

Duratrain is an interlocking premium fitness flooring system that is durable, functional and attractive.  It is virtually indestructible making it an ideal solution for intense heavy use environments, where free weights are regularly dropped onto the floor.

Duratrain is also resilient and provides a safe environment for multi functional, plyometric and group exercise activities.

At 32mm, 51mm or 70mm thick, this fitness flooring provides superior sound and shock insulation making it an ideal solution for upper level locations or anywhere sound reduction is required.

Duratrain will also make your facility more aesthetically pleasing. Offering original design capability and custom colour and logo options.

Duratrain premium fitness flooring can provide complete design integration with your facility and your brand.

The Duratrain Series is manufactured utilising a patented three-stage compression molding process. Extreme mechanical compression and high quality materials has placed Duratrain at the top of the list for durability.

Duratrain have been rated for over 400,000 repeated impacts with an 350kg force.

Duratrain has incorporated the patented KrosLOCK joining system into the product design. This unique locking system provides a number of benefits not available with any other product.

The tiles can be quickly and firmly locked in place with minimal use of adhesive. Duratrain can be picked up and reconfigured to harmonise with any layout changes to your facility.

Should you decide to change locations, your Duratrain Fitness Flooring can be removed and placed in the new facility.

Oak and synthetic lifting platforms can be built into Duratrain flooring to create a safe lifting environment with no trip hazards.

The Safe Choice
ASTM and BS compliant for slip resistance in dry and wet conditions and tested for temperature extremes, tensile strength, tear strength and flammability. With Duratrain you are getting a fully tested solution.

The Sound Choice
Training facilities are not always the quietest places, but with a choice of thickness from 32mm to 51mm, the impact pedestal design and the
inherent properties of the rubber compound, Duratrain offers superior sound insulation and shock absorption, reducing vibration and sound travel
both within your facility and in adjacent spaces. It’s been tested and proven to be quieter than a range of other floor coverings, including 12mm recycled rubber.

Feel the Difference
Duratrain has been engineered with many unique and innovative features, such as impact pedestal technology – creating air space under each tile for a superior cushioning effect and reduced noise and vibration.

See the Difference
Duratrain let’s you create a visual impact that you just can’t get with traditional fitness flooring. Choose from a 6 standard colours to satisfy the most discerning aesthetic requirements. Multi-coloured flooring not only looks great, but serves a functional purpose as well by allowing you to visually separate different usage areas.

Designed to Last
Duratrain has been designed to not only withstand even the heaviest commercial traffic, but to protect screeds and sub-floors from damage. It is manufactured using a patented three stage compression molding process. Extreme mechanical compression and high quality materials create an exceptionally durable floor tile. It’s rated for over 400,000 repeated impacts with a 360kg blunt force and is backed by a 10 year guarantee.

Smooth Integration
With ramped edge and corner profiles, Duratrain flooring can safely and seamlessly integrate with other flooring surfaces, as well as be routed around doorways.

Simple to Install
Tiles are installed under compression. Adhesive is only required to fix the edge tiles, transition ramps or keystone tiles in larger areas. The vast majority of tiles will not require adhesive and therefore can be easily lifted and replaced. Even glued tiles can usually be lifted and reused.

Anything Anywhere
Not simply for use under equipment, Duratrain premium fitness flooring really is the perfect choice for almost every application. It’s tried and tested, extremely durable and is the first flooring system to offer a truly integrated solution – even lifting platforms can be seamlessly integrated – no need for separate or raised platforms and no trip hazards in your gym.

Duratrain, the ultimate in flexibility – your whole flooring area is useable – for anything!

Manufactured using a proprietary three-stage compression molding process unlike any other system in the world – each tile is compressed from three different directions ensuring maximum quality and extreme durability.

This unique process allows the top wearing course of the system to be compression molded to a significantly higher density, while the impact pedestals on the underside of the tile can still offer shock absorption properties.

Many other flooring manufacturing processes utilise a single- stage, “top to bottom” compression method.

Manufacturing highly durable surfacing systems is more than just product design. Duratrain uses only the highest quality materials provided by the premier suppliers in the rubber and polyurethane industries. All materials are certified to meet or exceed stringent specifications, and all raw materials are catalogued through retained samples for quality control purposes.

Every single tile of the Duratrain premium fitness flooring system is performance-tested and assigned a serial number for the ultimate in: Traceability, Repeatability, and Reliability.

Duratrain tiles are 100% made by machine, meaning each tile can stay longer in the presses, ultimately making them stronger.

Utilising the latest in process analytics, and HMI (Human Machine Interface) control technology, every aspect of the manufacturing process
is closely monitored and tightly controlled within the framework of ISO 9001:2008.

The end result
Simply put, Duratrain uses the most sophisticated manufacturing process in the industry.

When you purchase Duratrain, you are purchasing a system that was manufactured under the strictest of process controls. Raw materials are precisely weighed, temperatures and humidity are computer controlled, and all mixing, levelling, and molding are completed robotically so that each and every tile is produced under ideal conditions and in an identical sequence.

As an industry leader in recycled products manufacturing, DuraTRAIN tiles are made in state-of-the-art facilities where continuous improvements in efficiency and responsible resource management go hand in hand with product quality.

Duratrain is sustainable in that 100% of the product can be returned to our facility, reprocessed and reintegrated into new products once the surface has reached the end of its useful service life.

All of the raw material used in the manufacturing of our products are phthalate free or compliant. The resins used in the production process are the safest available with no free isocynates. Continual industrial hygiene sampling has shown that there are no free isocyanates in the manufacturing environment and periodic air monitoring indicates that environmental emissions are less than 7% of allowable limits.

Production scrap is recycled back into the process. Nothing goes to waste.

Duratrain tiles contain up to 93% post consumer recycled content. 750,000

Around 750,000 tyres a year are diverted from landfill to be manufactured into Duratrain tiles

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