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Eleiko Olympic Competition and Training Bars

The world famous Eleiko IWF-approved Olympic weightlifting competition bar.

Men’s Specification:

Weight: 20kg, Length: 2200mm, Grip: 28mm, Sleeves: 50mm

Women’s Specification:

Weight: 15kg, Length: 2010mm, Grip: 25mm, Sleeves: 50mm




7ft Men’s and Women’s Training Bar – Certified by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), this bar is designed specifically for training for competitive Olympic weightlifting and used by professional lifters in training facilities around the world. The training bar delivers the feel and performance of the Eleiko competition bar but with less sharp knurling, making the bar appropriate for a higher volume of lifting. Crafted in Sweden, the bar’s high performance is the result of precision needle bearings that disperse the load evenly through the shaft to deliver uniform rotation at all loads. Proprietary steel and chrome coating provides the optimal balance between strength and elasticity to deliver the ultimate lifting experience.

7ft Men’s and Women’s Competition Bar – Designed specifically for competitive Olympic weightlifting and certified by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), the Eleiko Competition Bar is for professional and competitive lifters for use on the competition stage. Crafted with precision and certified for competition, the bar has extremely tight tolerances and aggressive knurling suited for one rep max attempts. A re-engineered sleeve construction with a dustproof seal keeps essential components functioning at their highest capacity and increases bar longevity. Precision needle bearings deliver a stable controlled rotation vital for high performance and our chrome coating has been engineered specifically for elasticity and strength. Crafted with precision in Sweden using the finest materials along with 60 years of barbell manufacturing expertise to craft this unrivalled competition bar.

Each Eleiko Olympic Bar includes a total of ten precision bearings for long-lasting performance. All Bars are individually tested in accordance with the Eleiko Quality Policy and provided with serial numbers and include a lifetime warranty.

The strength rating of an Eleiko bar is 215 000 PSI – the average Olympic Bar usually is between 130,000 and 150,000 PSI.



Technical Specifications

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions N/A

Eleiko Men's Training Bar (20kg), Eleiko Women's Training Bar (15kg), Eleiko Men's Competition Bar (20kg), Eleiko Women's Competition Bar (15kg), Eleiko Men's XF Training Bar (20kg), Eleiko Women's XF Training Bar (15kg)

Dr Bryan Mann MS, PhD, CSCS Assistant Director of Strength and Conditioning, University of Missouri. Velocity Based Training

Madeline Black Bachelor of Sport Coaching and Exercise Science Reliability and validity of GymAware.

Mladen Jovanovic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Port Adelaide FC.Using load-velocity relationship in predicting 1RMs

Mladen Jovanovic Strength & Conditioning Coach, Port Adelaide FC. GymAware 1RM calculation

Kristie Taylor Sport Scientist (PhD), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Fatigue and Training – Responses

Kristie Taylor Sport Scientist (PhD), Strength & Conditioning Coach, Monitoring Neuromuscular Fatigue

Brendyn Appleby – Assistant S&C Coach, Emirates Western Force ASCA Level 3 Master Coach:
Comparing sets online with GymAware Pro
Rehabilitation and Injury Reduction
Medium and Long Term Analysis
LPT Basics Part 1
LPT Basics Part 2
The LPT On the Floor Part 1 – Setting up for Daily Monitoring
The LPT On the Floor Part 2 – Motivate, Educate and Monitor


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