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ForceFrame Hip Strength Testing System

The ForceFrame is a fast, modular, portable and repeatable system for testing hip adduction and abduction strength, as well as a host of other muscle groups.

The New Standard in Hip Testing:
• Faster than a handheld dynamometer
• More accurate than a blood pressure cuff
• Measure adduction and abduction in the same test

Modular carrier system allows for dozens of positions to be standardised and tested repeatedly. Test isometric hip adduction/abduction strength in all common positions. Test hip strength in a range of unique positions (hip flexion, hip internal/external rotation and more).

Unclips from frame and fits in a backpack, allowing quick, easy and comparable
testing when travelling. Compatible with Windows, Mac and iOS.

Available in two packages – Pro and Elite. Both packages include a 3 year software licence.

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Groinbord Scorebord
ScoreBord is a data collection app that is the control centre for the ForceFrame:

• Stream data from the ForceFrame in real-time
• Real-time analytics of average abduction and adduction force and AB:AD ratio on the ForceFrame
• Provide immediate, quantitative feedback to athletes with live infographs
• Upload results to player profiles in DashBord
• Monitor trends at a glance: rolling average, personal best, baseline and target scores

Groinbar Dashbord
DashBord is a cloud based analytics platform which allows all of your team’s data from both the NordBord and ForceFrame to be stored in one place:
• Painlessly log data from ScoreBord
• Track players’ results over time
• Generate player or team reports
• Export data to your athlete management system in CSV/Excel format

“We use the NordBord and ForceFrame for preseason screening, weekly testing, training and rehab, and use the data we get from them in combination with our other key metrics such as running load and flexibility to inform our weekly training plans.”
David Joyce
Head of Athletic Performance, GWS Giants

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