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HumanTrak Movement Analysis System

Powerful, portable and affordable, HumanTrak is the world’s first 3D camera and IMU-combined  motion capture and analysis system.

HumanTrak’s patented fusion of 3D camera and IMU data delivers superior positional accuracy.

HumanTrak includes four inertial sensors (IMUs), worn on the wrists and ankles. Sampling at 200Hz, the IMUs allow greater accuracy than a cameraonly system. In order to guarantee performance and reliability, HumanTrak features a custom-built workstation laptop.

The HumanTrak system includes:
• Custom HumanTrak laptop
• Four x wearable IMU sensors
• 3D Infrared Camera
• Tripod

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SKU: PB556


Using a combination of three real-time data sources, HumanTrak is able to track the user and animate data overlays onto a real-time video feed, including balance lines, joint angles and joint loadings. This hyper-contextual data provides an unparalleled source of biofeedback to the user.

One Click Reporting

As soon as you’ve finished testing a patient, one click automatically generates a comprehensive test report, including:
• Photo snapshots from key points in each test
• SwayTrak snapshots
• SideTrak snapshots
• Key results from each test

Unparalleled Portability

The HumanTrak system packs all this functionality into a briefcase-sized carry case, allowing you to pack up in under five minutes and take your movement assessment to your clients

“Clinically, we use the HumanTrak for all of our ankle and ACLR rehabilitation. We use it to test performance and also to re-train movement, control, balance, jumping and landing mechanics in rehab.”
Dean Phelps
Physiotherapist, Fighting Fit Phyiotherapy