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kPulley 2

Based on the same, scientifically proven flywheel technology as the kBox4 systems, with a design making it the ideal solution for horizontal exercises.  Its versatile wall mounted design allows for the height of the attachment point to be quickly adjusted almost from floor to roof for a variety of movements.

Available in a choice of colours – Midnight Blue or Jet Black

A member of our sales team will contact you following your order being placed to confirm your colour choice.


Device height 225 cm
Working height 40–225 cm
Weight 11 kg




Introduced in 2018, the kPulley flywheel training device is in use by performance coaches, physiotherapists and personal trainers worldwide for a wide range of flywheel training applications.

The kPulley is the revolutionary flywheel training solution enabling users to enhance their strength through rotational and pull exercises but also push and lower limb exercises. It comes with a built-in kMeter II feedback system. The inertia capacity of the goes up to 0.140 kgm² or two Extra Large Flywheels.

Key Benefits

With the kPulley, you work against the variable inertia of steel flywheels, instead of being limited by the direction of gravity when lifting weights. It is renowned for its genial application of eccentric overload in regular training as well as its variable resistance, both backed by growing scientific support.

It also offers a number of important practical benefits:

  • Versatile multi-purpose training device, for exercises training both upper body, core and lower body.
  • Its kMeter app-based wireless feedback system can be used to measure and save actual power output and more.
  • Switching between drills and users is quick and hassle-free.
  • Doesn’t emit any sound at all.

kPulley2 Starter includes:

  • kPulley2 Device
  • Flywheel 0.010 kgm²
  • kMeter Module II
  • kGrips
  • ankle grips
  • Working Height 40 -180 cm

kPulley2 Advanced includes:

  • kPulley2 Device
  • kMeter Module II
  • Flywheel 0.010 kgm²
  • Flywheel  0.025 kgm²
  • Flywheel 0.050 kgm²
  • kGrips
  • kBar
  • Hip Belt
  • Ankle Cuffs
  • Rotational Sling

Technical Specifications

Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions N/A
Choose from Starter or Advanced

Starter, Advanced

Click on the Title of the Research below to read the article.

Effects of adding a weekly eccentric-overload training session on strength and athletic performance in team-handball players


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