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Optogait Jump System

Optogait is a state of the art system of analysis that brings a proven philosophy of assessment to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Classically, contact gait analysis has been precise, informative, and costly. This last attribute has limited its use to large biomechanical institutes. To control costs, simple contact pads have been employed. Contact pads, however, cannot assess dynamic motion.

Optogait’s innovative design affords doctors, therapists, and researchers the ability to become their own high-tech laboratories; contact analysis is now affordable and portable.

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One metre system on the floor has the capabilities of doing:
a. A basic step test can be evaluated for biomechanical efficiency. Contact and flight time of each leg is evaluated for symmetry.

b. Standard squat jump can be evaluated for maximum power. Pelvic angle can be noted instantly. Conditioning protocols can be based off this angle.

c. One-legged jumps, in any direction, are employed to compare left and right power. Knowing the patient’s overall power is only one aspect; symmetry is key to all rehabilitative programs.

d. Agility, left and right, is studied via simple ski tests. Left and right contact and flight times are easily compared. Effective treatment ensures there is no favoured side.

The system also has video analysis capabilities thanks to two webcams with tripods. This allows you to complete video analysis whilst subjects are being tested, the 2 webcams allow for filming from two angles.

Also, the single metre system can be used on a treadmill. The system can be easily placed on the side of any treadmill for walking or running analysis. A single bar will be long enough to cover strides on standard-sized treadmills. On treadmills with larger beds, a second bar can be used. The system allows analysis of stride length, contact time, cadence, acceleration and gait cycle amongst many other parameters. The system also includes a robust carry case for easy transportation.

The single metre system can be battery-operated (8hours) or connected to mains power.

Technical Specifications

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 120 × 125 × 125 cm

Characteristics of chosen muscle strength indicators using the “OPTOGAIT” system
Konarski, J.M., Strzelczyk, R., Krupa, P., Adrian J. (2014)

One of the more important motor abilities for people playing team games is lower limb muscle strength. This ability allows the implementation of technical and tactical aims according to the game demands, and directly influences components such as (e.g.) running speed and gaining an advantage over the opponent. To date researchers mainly used so-called field test (e.g. vertical or long jump) or dynamometric platforms to assess lower limb strength. However, this has many limitations. Using the “OPTOGAIT” system opens up new opportunities for measurement, analysis and training. Publications on the topic are still rare. The main aim of the investigation was to characterize the level of chosen lower limb muscle strength indicators (power, strength endurance, jumping) of team game players using the “OPTOGAIT” measurement system.

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