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ORYX Vertical Rope Pulling Machine


  • Safe alternative to ceiling rope targeting strength and cardio development
    • Durable, compact and light-weight design
    • Soft-braided rope for easy and comfortable grip
    • Cushioned, supportive seats and back support for various workout routines
    • Pull resistance ranging from 4kg-45kg
    • Available custom configurations for any specialised training or rehabilitation needs

This product has a 6-8 week lead time, for specific time scales please contact our sales team on sales@performbetter.co.uk

£5,994.00 inc.Vat | £4,995.00 ex.VAT

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SKU: PB625


ORYX Vertical Rope Pulling Machine deliver the benefits of both isokinetic and aerobic exercise. Rope-pulling machines are based on simple, time-proven principles of rope climbing while reducing the risk of this traditionally dangerous activity to nearly zero. Individuals of any age and athletic ability can benefit from a unique rope technology safely and comfortably.

Continuously adjusting resistance mechanism causes the rope pulling difficulty to increase with the rope pulling speed. The patent pending technology allows you to customise the workout to match your fitness goals. Initial tension can start as low as 4kg and go up to 45kg (on some models) for performance athletes.

Our rope pulling machines were designed with usability and also flexibility in mind. All machines come with instructions and illustrations of multiple exercises to maximise workout efficiency. Our high quality ropes allow a comfortable grip, limiting friction and slipping during the exercise activity.

Technical Specifications

Weight 40.00 kg


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