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Reax Board

Reax Board is smart floor to reproduce and generate sudden balance interferences during the motor gesture. Winner of 2016 Innovation Award.

This innovative functional training reaches the highest neuromuscular level of intensity, as standard exercises performed under stable and predictable conditions, become unpredictable and much more fun and effective. Muscle activation becomes amplified and user focus kept high and constant to maintain balance and perform exercises successfully.

A tablet and dedicated app, allow the user or the trainer to select the difficulty level they wish and choose among several pre-configured training programs. PT specialised sessions are available only in the presence of a trainer, to perform intense and customised programs in total safety. For example, during the original “live” program, the trainer can alter the motor gesture through real-time interferences. Adjustments in the intensity, speed, direction and frequency of the interferences as well as a freeze board option, to hold the position means training solutions become endless.

The board is also available in a smaller size, Reax Board Mini.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Length: 250cm | 98,42″ Height 31cm | 12,20″

Width:  125cm | 49,21″

From the inventors of Queenax, the complete modular system for functional and suspension training and winner of the 2011 Innovation Award. Reaxing, is the latest innovation in neuromuscular, functional training. In 2016, the Reax Board, a smart floor to reproduce and generate sudden balance interferences claimed a further Innovation Award. Whilst in 2017, the Reax Chain, a highly versatile training tool, composed of flexible and adjustable weighted rings earned the latest Innovation Award for the company.
Easily implemented in Fitness Clubs, High Performance Centres, Rehab Studios and Schools. Reaxing trains your senses to improve performance.

The Reaxing range enhances a performers capacity to react to sudden and unpredictable impulses, similar to the undefined and changeable movements required in sport and real-life activities. The ability to train your senses, develop your reactivity, increase metabolic activity, reduce the risk of injury and ultimately improve your performance is achievable with the Reaxing training methodology.
The ‘Sudden Dynamic Impulse’ technology delivers monitored impulses through light (Reax Lights), tactile stimulation (Reax Board, Reax Balance, Reax IFloor, Reax Run) and/or sudden motor interferences (Reax Raft, Reax Chain, Reax Lift, FluiBall, Reax Tools). Reaxing training is versatile and easily customisable, for both strength and endurance training in a range of performers, from kids to the elderly, beginners to pro athletes.

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