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Standard Double Conditioning Prowler

Standard Double Conditioning Prowler includes two sets of handles – using two sets will allow users to drive from both sides to save turning it around.

Few pieces of equipment offer the ability to train power, strength, hypertrophy, strength-endurance, and endurance, as well as the Prowler, sometimes called the weight sled. And very few implements allow for such an incredible variety of movements.

• The Prowler isn’t just a conditioning tool. It can be used to add size and strength to both the upper and lower body.

• The concentric-only nature of Weight Sled exercises means less soreness, so they can be performed more frequently.

£354.00 inc.Vat | £295.00 ex.VAT

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Additional information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 102 × 78 × 25 cm

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