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The Stick

The Stick is a revolutionary medical device to treat muscle pain, release of myofascia and in activation of trigger points. Eliminates muscle soreness and pain and relaxes and increases flexibility of hamstrings, quads, neck and back.

Ideal for self massage.




The Stick, a device to treat muscle pain and release of myofascia trigger points. Eliminating muscle soreness and pain and relaxes and increases flexibility.

17” Travel Stick – Shortest version of the stick and therefore more portable. Great for use on the legs but not as easy for the upper body.

19″ Sprinter Stick – The firmest of the short Sticks, thereby making it the most versatile of the short Sticks.

23″ Hybrid Stick  – Wheel is centered for target application, great for digging into the gastroc, behind the knee, neck, rhomboid and forearms.

24” Original Stick – Standard flexibility, designed for the average body mass if you are up to 5′ 10′ and flexible. It is easy to be used by yourself on all major muscle groups.

24″ Stiff Stick – For those that like a really deep massage, increased core diameter on this stick penetrates big tight muscles with ease.

27” Power Stick – For those who are taller than 5′ 10″ or lack flexibility who want to treat all their own major muscle groups.

30″ Big Stick – The longest stiff massage stick made. 18 spindles and a core the same as the Stiff stick. A favorite of weight lifters and body builders.

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