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Wooden Technique Boxes

Wooden Technique Boxes are an ideal addition for an athlete in aiding technique focused weight training. These are cost effective, easy to store and highly adaptable, able to be split and recombined in whatever combinations your workout needs!

Alternative uses for these heavy construction Wooden Technique Boxes include:

– Block Pulls
– Floor Bench Presses
– Cleans & Snatches
– Short Range Dead Lifts

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Product Description

Wooden Technique Boxes Features:

20mm/0.75″ thick Plywood construction
Complex internal block structure for maximum strength and weight holding capacity, tested with up to 250kg
Terminal batons to prevent weight plates rolling off box.


Section 1 – 9cm High – Triple density Ply top section with 20 mm X-Fit Rubber Padding
Section 2 – 14 cm High
Section 3 – 30 cm High
Section 4 – 36 cm High
Total Height – 89 cm

Width – 51 cm
Depth – 90 cm

Top sectional area – 20″/51 cm Width x 36″/90 cm Height
Total Weight – 80kg each 4 Section Stack


Radio Frequency – 433.425 MHz, 25kHz spacing
Modulation Method – FM.FSK. 32 Channels
Temperature Rating- -20 degrees C
Receiver Sensitivity- .18uV
Transmitter Power- Low 10mW, High 135 mW
Power Source- Three AA alkaline batteries
Transmission Distance- 5 miles (8 km) line of sight
Memory Capacity- All components store 500 skiers times
CE Certified- CE0408!
Weight- 6 lbs. (3 kg)


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