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Woodway Curve Treadmill

Woodway Curve Treadmill is the solution for high speed and interval work, as well as group training. High intensity intervals are made easy when there are no buttons to reach for to increase or decrease speed; this also makes for quick transitions during group training.

The non-motorised Woodway Curve is made possible by Woodway’s patented running surface. The Slat Belt system is near frictionless, which allows the belt to glide smoothly. Combine that with an innovative curved running surface and suddenly users are able to control their pace at will. To speed up, simply start running, to slow down, allow yourself to drift down the curve. It is all about body position and gravity.

This product has an 8-10 week lead time, for specific time scales please contact our sales team directly on sales@performbetter.co.uk




Woodway Curve’s curved design allows any user, regardless of size or weight, to instantly achieve the speed they require without the use of elevation or a motor. The total manual operation provides a dynamic training tool that allows the athlete to instantly adjust speed with a few  explosive steps. There is no top speed and users are not subject to ramp up time. The user controls their speed by positioning their body along the curved running surface. Stepping forward initiates movement, as the user propels themselves up the belt on the Curve the speed increases. To slow the Curve the user simply drifts back towards the rear of the belt.

The Woodway Curve standard model includes a battery operated console which will display speed, distance, calories.

The Woodway Curve 1.5 model includes a USB PC Interface to download
data to PC. Running surface: 170cm x 43cm.

The Woodway Curve XL model includes a larger running surface:
218cm x 55cm.


Woodway Woodway 1

“I love the new Woodway Curve. The big drawback to treadmill running in some peoples mind is that the treadmill is doing half the work. Not with the new Speedboard. My athletes love it and, we have seen great results with heartrate elevation. This is just a great piece.”

Mike Boyle
Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning

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