Three of the best moves to try with a TRX

3rd June 2019

Three of the best moves to try with a TRX

TRX Plank – best for core strength

Adjust TRX straps to hang with handles at knee height, foot cradles at mid-calf. Get on all fours, placing both feet in straps, keeping hands and knees on the floor. Lift body to plank position, arms and legs straight. Keep body aligned – shoulders down and back, lower back not dipped, hips not raised. Flex your feet to engage glutes. Hold for 10-40 sec. Repeat twice.

TRX Lunge – targets single leg strength and stability. Perfect for improving balance and injury prevention

Adjust straps to mid-calf. (see above). Stand in front of the anchor point, facing away. Place one foot in the cradle, drive the suspended leg back and lower your front leg into a lunge with the knee at 90 degrees. Keep chest lifted and do not lean upper body too far forward. Return to start. Do 10-12 reps; swap legs. Repeat 1-2 rounds.

TRX Y Deltoid Fly combined with T Deltoid Fly – strengthens shoulder musculatures, improves shoulder mobility and posture

Adjust straps to mid-length. Face the anchor point, with feet close together (front foot grounded, back foot with heel raised), stand with arms in a ‘Y’ position with tension on the TRX. Lower body back; then, keeping arms straight, drive back to starting position – upright, with arms wide in a ‘Y’. Keep body planked, core engaged. Do 10-12 reps. Repeat 1-2 more rounds.

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