What does recovery in fitness mean? The difference between active versus passive recovery

28th September 2019

Athletic recovery in fitness has taken many forms. A trainer says take a rest day another suggests a sports massage.

The main differentiator is this- active recovery and passive recovery in fitness can seem synonymous, when actually, they are two very different forms. May seem obvious, but active recovery is what we need to focus on- not just on a “rest” day, but daily.

To actively recover, means you are focusing on the areas of the body that may need tending to. You may feel sore in a particular muscle group, tight when you move in a certain direction, or simply stiff.

Sure, resting will help soreness and tightness subside eventually, but WHAT IF you could mitigate these issues faster and more enjoyably? There are several options when selecting active recovery.

You can opt for:

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