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Pure cold. Finnish people have always known that cold is good for you. Throughout time we have taken dips in ice holes or rolled in snow after the sauna.


    Avant°pool is an innovative design company and equipment manufacturer focusing on wellbeing. They were originally a swimming pool company based in Espoo, Finland. A few ice-swimming enthusiasts asked them about a pool that would be suitable for use at home.

    They could not find the product for them and, in 2014, started looking in earnest for a cold-immersion pool. They found some products, but they were large, complex to install and expensive.

    A study on the subject was carried out in cooperation with the University of Jyväskylä. In 2016, the R&D project received a grant from the Finnish government. At the conclusion of the two-year project, Avant°pool was established in 2017. Avant°pool’s first pool the Kinos and was launched in 2018, the new entry level Hanki pool was launched in 2020 .


    The Avantopool Kinos is a high quality, fully automated cold and warm recovery pool for professional sports and fitness enthusiasts.It is the only portable cold recovery device on the market with continual water cleaning.

    The Avantopool Hanki is a high-quality cold recovery pool for professional and sports and fitness enthusiasts. Featuring a cooling unit with an adjustable temperature range between +4°C and +16°C, the Hanki recovery pool is portable and very simple to use and maintain.

    Avantopool makes cold therapy and recovery easy. Avantopool brings clean ice baths to gyms, team changing rooms, workplaces or even your home – all year round.

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  • “I have been using the Avantopool Kinos since lockdown and have found it very useful in my recovery from matches and training. The temperature range allows me to use it for both cold recovery and hot/cold contrast sessions. I have found it very easy to use and  the compact size means I can fit it in my house."

    - Oriol Romeu, Southampton FC

  • “Recovery is vitally important for my performance, having the convenience of small tub and cooling unit at home enables me not only to recover from the last session but prepare for the next one”

    - Alun Wyn Jones, Wales Rugby & Ospreys

  • “Absolutely loving the Avantopool, allowing me to recover quicker and be ahead of the game. Quick and easy installation and great customer service.”

    - James Ward Prowse, Southampton FC

  • “Avant°pool Kinos is the first cold recovery pool that displays the precise temperature of the water, which you can adjust to your liking. It is also clearly more hygienic than the pools you see at many tournament venues. Thanks to its compact size, the pool can be installed almost anywhere.”

    -  Henri Kontinen, Professional Tennis Player