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Catapult exists to build and improve the performance of athletes and teams at all levels of sport.


    Catapult was officially founded in Melbourne in 2006. The wearable technologies developed by Catapult in its early years were designed to address fundamental questions in sports performance. That purpose has remained at the heart of their work as they’ve grown from an Australian startup to a global leader. Perform Better were the first Catapult Distributor appointed outside of Australia.

    Through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisition, Catapult continues to lead the way in sports science research and innovation. Today, the business is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and has over 340+ staff across 30 locations, working with more than 2970 teams in 39 sports.


    The Vector is Catapult’s premium product which combines GNSS and LPS technology, Vector is the world’s smallest and most powerful dual device, delivering live algorithms, communications, and enhanced functionality indoors and outdoors.

    ClearSky uses locally installed sensors to deliver consistent, high-quality data in any indoor and outdoor environment. ClearSky has been independently validated by the world’s leading research institutes and is proven in training and match situations across multiple sports.

    PlayerTek simplifies workflows and increases the power of your analysis, it is an accessible and affordable technology designed to take your athlete monitoring to the next level.

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  • “All information is monitored in the same way, using the same metrics to give consistency of data across training groups and compiled in a database. We use Catapult technology in every training session to monitor work completed, session intensity, duration, high speed distance and efforts.”

    - Ciaran Miller, Performance Pathway Sports Scientist, Welsh Rugby Union

  • “From a strength and conditioning point of view, we use PlayerTek to monitor our pitch sessions to see if they are high, low or medium intensity,” says Liam O’Hara, Strength & Conditioning Coach with Saracens Academy. “By quantifying the intensity of each session, we can see which players are working hard and who could probably work a little bit harder.”

    - Liam O’Hara, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Saracens Rugby Academy.

  • “The range of technology available provides staff and students with everything they need to teach and learn effectively. This ranges from student projects to supporting international athletes.”

    - Peter Mackreth, Dean of School, Leeds Beckett University