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VALD Performance is dedicated to improving human measurement.


    Since their founding in 2015 in Brisbane, Australia VALD Performance has worked towards a singular focus: to support health and performance practitioners improve the welfare and performance of their athletes, clients and personnel. They do this through the development of laboratory-grade technology built for everyday use, making data collection and analysis simple – providing the right information, for the right decision at the right time.

    VALD Performance’s human measurement testing systems are now trusted by many of the world’s most elite sporting teams, clinicians, universities and hospitals. In 2018 VALD Performance purchased Forcedecks to add to their range and also launched the Force Frame system followed by the Humantrak system in 2019.


    Performance professionals need reliable, accurate and valid data but traditional technologies are too slow, too cumbersome or too expensive to deliver on this in the time-pressured environment of elite sport. VALD systems are built with the high-performance practioner in mind translating traditionally lab-based technologies into engaging, quick, easy to use tools for daily testing, monitoring and training.

    Forcedecks are dual high-accuracy force platforms and seamless auto-analysis software. Allows the analysis of balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps. The Nord Bord accurately measures, monitors and trains an individuals hamstring strength and imbalance. The Force Frame is designed for Isometric strength testing across upper and lower body in over 35 positions and muscle groups.

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  • “The ForceDecks system is a perfect fit for Saracens, and has rapidly become an important part of our screening, monitoring and performance programmes. The software is intuitive, fast and customisable, and generates a great amount of information to help us better understand the physical qualities of our players on an individual level.”

    - Paddy Hogben, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Saracens RFC

  • “The auto-recognition of tests and movements – along with the ability to longitudinally track athlete performance – has changed the way we can perform our assessment package. Due to intuitive system, more S&C coaches in more sports are undertaking these strength assessments, allowing more coaches to make better informed programming and coaching decisions.”

    - Michelle Pearson, Head of S&C, English Institute of Sport

  • “We regularly test our youth and senior players on the NordBord and ForceFrame to see how they compare with research norms, other players and themselves. We look for fluctuations over time and, if needed, we adjust their training accordingly.”

    - John Hartley, Injury Prevention Specialist, Aston Villa FC