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Used by hundreds of sports teams, institutes and universities worldwide, this is the leading tool to measure barbell performance, velocity and power.


    Founded in 2002, GymAware entered the market when an opportunity to bring power monitoring to the weights room was identified. Creating a world-class athlete performance monitoring system, the company continues to expand it’s product range whilst being backed by a highly motivated team of individuals.

    In 2019 the team launched FLEX, a wireless, laser optic technology which is designed for Android and iPhone. FLEX gives individuals the power of accurate performance data previously restricted to the elite. By integrating cutting edge laser optic technology, it ticks all the boxes – portable, accurate and affordable. Ultimately, FLEX is for anyone wishing to add the next level to their training.


    Sports Science and measurement is a key arm of Perform Better. In the field of velocity-based training and measurement there was and still is only one choice – GymAware. With robust hardware and user-friendly software and apps, GymAware soon became a customer favourite. Recent developments have included new Software platforms and feedback mechanisms. The GymAware encoder was developed by engineers with over 20 years of experience in elite sport and is iOS compatible and Bluetooth connected.

    The launch of the Flex product in 2019 meant Perform Better now has a range of products for all budgets, but with the same quality and reliability.

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  • “We have found this to be an excellent, easy to use, tool that helps to provide immediate feedback and analysis to our students and athletes. The data from Gymaware is allowing our students to conduct more robust analysis in relation to performance output and fatigue monitoring helping to assist in the quality of coaching they can provide, adding objective outputs for research projects and enhancing our students' employability.”

    - Brendon Skinner, Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead for Sports Rehabilitation, University of Northampton

  • "The integration of GymAware into our gym sessions has been incredibly successful and provided an effective platform for vital levels of individual stimuli, ownership and performance output in all players. It is now firmly rooted within our practice and continues to be key element in a culture driven by interactive training and an athlete centred ownership of all programming."

    - Nathan Winder, Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sheffield United FC

  • “I constantly use objective information from GymAware to track performance, training stimulus and to create competition. “GymAware is easy to use, reliable, and effective.”

    - Nicholas Gill, Head of Strength & Conditioning, New Zealand All Blacks Rugby

  • “ I have said it before and I will say it again, GymAware is the absolute Rolls Royce of VBT devices. If you want to examine velocity, movement and performance in the weight room, this thing can do it. It’s a game changer for VBT."

    - Dr James Bryan Mann, PhD