Delighted to Sponsor Areté Performance 1st Event

Delighted to Sponsor Areté Performance 1st Event

Areté Performance

Applied Periodisation:  In Planning & Practice

with Dan Howells & Clive Brewer

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Areté Performance's 1st Event Designed to bring together open minded thinkers to discuss, share and challenge the practices and opinions relating to the world of sports performance, the opening event revolves around the topic of Periodisation and how it shapes and drives the way that teams and athletes prepare in the short and long term.

This evening draws on the experience of 2 world-leading strength and conditioning practitioners to explore these questions, along with many other elements regarding periodisation. Dan and Clive will be sharing their approaches to planning and periodisation along with how they’ve overcome the challenges of dealing with teams of elite performers with highly demanding competition schedules and often limited time to prepare.

Wed 12 July 2017
18:00 – 21:30 BST

Performance Education Centre,
St Mary's University
Waldegrave Road

Team Ticket 5 People £100
£40 per Delegate

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