It's a tape thing - Toro Pro Tape

It's a tape thing - Toro Pro Tape
Toro Pro tape has the malleability to support athletes on their road to victory by providing strength and support to the muscles and joints. The tape is therefore beneficial in protecting active muscles during prolonged exercise, without restricting the range of motion as well as supporting muscles before and after exercise.

Toro Pro tape is abrasion resistant, a factor that outshines other brands by increasing its durability. As well as this, unlike other cotton tapes, Toro Pro’s 100% synthetic material enhances movement as it resembles another layer of your skin, with the design purpose of making the tape as breathable and comfortable as possible before, during and after performance.

In addition to this, the synthetic material is water proof resistant and only holds around 10% of its bodyweight of water compared to 25% in cotton tapes. The benefit of this is that the tape is practical in all weather conditions.

Despite the practicality of the Toro Pro tape, it has also been tailored to the stylish needs of our athletes, with its unique bull logo. The physical and aesthetic benefits of our tape is what makes our ambassadors such as David Weir MBE, Georgie Twigg Olympic Gold medallist, Katie Chapman England and Chelsea captain are proud to wear our tape.

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What people say:

David Weir MBE

"When wearing ToroPro tape in my marathons, the support it gives me allows me to focus on what’s important. Compared to other tapes that I have used, it is comfortable yet resistant and I’m proud to be an ambassador of the brand."

Katie Chapman- England and Chelsea Ladies Captain

"When playing in intense periods throughout the season, I needed a tape that I could rely on. ToroPro tape is the only tape that I found to stay on in the wetter and tougher conditions as well as being comfortable, and that’s why I wouldn’t wear anything else."

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