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ANCORE Trainer

Ideal for training facilities, performance specialists, athletes, and home use, the ANCORE Trainer provides a highly adaptable and compact functional training experience.

The ANCORE Trainer provides a full cable training experience that’s built for any space and enables athletes of all kinds to become stronger. Weighing in at 3kg fully loaded, and at a size no bigger than a dumbbell, the ANCORE Trainer can create resistance levels up to 30kg.

The ANCORE Trainer can be mounted on everything from a squat rack to a wall to easily meet the needs of any training environment with no complicated setup or expensive install. At a fraction of the cost of other cable trainers, the ANCORE Trainer provides a complete cable training experience built for any space.

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The Pro Package includes: ANCORE Trainer, two low resistance plates (~2.3kgs of resistance), four high resistance plates (~4.5kgs of resistance), one portable mount, one handle attachment. Resistance of up to ~25kgs (maximum resistance is ~30kgs). Ideal for training facilities, performance specialists, athletes, and heavy home use.

The ANCORE Rack Mount is designed for use on nearly any squat rack but will also work well on a variety of posts, beams, and fixtures. The optimal circumference of the mounting fixture is between 27cm and 35cm.

ANCORE Overview and FAQs

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