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Hypervolt Case

Slim and sleek, the Hypervolt Case provides lightweight protection to store and carry your Hypervolt.

Custom inlay holds the Hypervolt, 4 head attachments and battery charger.

  • Soft, Matte Black Silicone Exterior
  • Custom inlay padded interior
  • Silicone grip handle

Click Here to Purchase Your Hypervolt, the cordless state-of-the-art vibration massage device.

Its main functions are to relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and increases circulation. Designed to improve the range of motion and the overall health of the body’s soft tissue.

£60.00 inc.Vat | £50.00 ex.VAT

In stock

SKU: PB239R1

Vibration + Percussion technology (Hypervolt) have 4 primary effects on the body that all affect movement:

1. Fascia (myo-fascia): Adding high amplitude and high frequency vibration to a static tool releases the myo-fascia much faster and more thoroughly than a static tool. This unlocks and un-knots the fascia and opens up space and pathways for the fluid to move.
2. Fluid: Vibration + Pressure creates tissue compression and tissue friction. Friction causes the tissue to heat up and warm the lymphatic fluid. The vibration also moves the fluid – like a jacuzzi jet- through the body. The heating and movement of the fluid changes the viscosity of the fluid, making it more liquid. This has a lubricating effect on the body.
3. Muscles: The high amplitude and frequency vibration combined with pressure relaxes the muscle. In addition, the tissue is warmed (from the compression and friction) which makes the muscle feel looser and more pliable. Like putting cookie dough in the microwave before you roll it out- it becomes more pliable.
4. CNS (Central Nervous System): By activating the nervous system, we are improving communication between nerves and muscles. This has applications in injury recovery (retraining the nerves and muscles to interact) and also for performance warm up.

Dr Mike Clark, Founder of NASM tested the HYPERVOLT under thermal imaging. Post 90-sec of use on the quads and calves the HYPERVOLT significantly increased blood flow, which is a key indicator of an optimal warm up.

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