PB were selected to install a luxuriously finished, out-house at a home in Brentwood, Essex.

The client was after a facility that not only let them train the way they wanted with state-of-the-art equipment, but it also had to aesthetically fit the style they were looking for.


A 20mm Black impact tile was used along with a built-in Birch wooden platform all set to one level to utilise space.

An Elite Half Rack-Smith was chosen by the client to allow them and their family to maximise use from the rack giving them the flexibility to work either on the rack with; barbells , dip attachments and land mine/core sockets or use the integrated Smith Machine located at the back of the rack.

To further maximise space the client chose the latest PowerBlocks allowing them to have up to 42kg of weight in a single, interchangeable dumbbell.

Finally, the facility was finished off with an air assault bike to allow for aerobic/anaerobic capacity training.


  • 20mm Impact tile
  • Birch inset Platform
  • Half Rack Smith Machine
  • PB Branded Bumper Plates
  • PowerBlocks EXP Dumbbells
  • Air Assault Bike
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