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MAD-UP Pro offers health and sports professionals a safe and individualised practice of blood flow restriction for the prevention and management of muscle deficit.


    Although BFR training or KAATSU Training has long been scientifically proven to promote muscle growth but the method required more user safety to adapt to the medical context of muscle strengthening and functional rehabilitation. MAD-UP was launched in 2018 after 2 years of extensive research and development by a team of ex Professional athletes - Guy Moussi, Delis Ahou and Milos Dimitrijevic- who saw a requirement in the market for a fully personalised Blood Flow Restriction system.


    MAD-UP PRO® has revolutionised the "BFR
    Training" method due to its personalised measurement system allowing continuous adaptation of the levels of compression. The patented MAD-UP® technology analyses the physiological characteristics of the user ensuring optimal and secure treatment. MAD-UP PRO® regulates the pressure level applied in the cuffs during each movement in real time which is necessary to allow the comfort and safety of the user. With its two path ways, MAD-UP PRO® can managed the pressure in each limb individually. Calculating a personalised LOP is the first step towards a safe and optimised approach to BFR - once the muscle starts to exercise and contract repeatedly, the operating pressure, chosen according to the LOP, will constantly vary and rise to potentially dangerous and uncomfortable levels.

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