The Client was building an extension onto his house in Cheshire and was keen to include a good sized gym for himself and his family. A space of 8m x 7m was allocated for the gym space- the client was a serious trainer and was clear what equipment he required in the space.

Perform Better’s design team came up with some 3D designs to show the client how the equipment would fit into the space.

"PB was recommended to me by someone who had used them for a school gym. I used them to kit out my home gym and would highly recommend them. They have a huge range of high quality kit and are able to help with planning, design and the selection of flooring and equipment."


Duratrain Performance Flooring was installed into the whole space with an inset lifting platform which featured bespoke branding.

An Elite Half Rack was selected as the main lifting station complemented by Eleiko discs and bar, in addition a Compact Dual Adjustable Pulley, Glute Ham Bench, Adjustable Bench, set of dumbbells and a set of kettlebells.

The strength equipment was complemented by a Concept Rower and Ski Erg for cardio-vascular equipment. The client was also keen to use the high ceiling in the room and Perform Better fitted a beam clamp to allow for a climbing rope to be hung in the room to give a highly functional home training facility.


  • Elite Half Rack
  • Olympic Lifting Bar
  • Gym Ball
  • Kettlebells
  • Disc Storage Bars
  • Olympic Discs
  • Adjustable Flat to Incline Bench
  • Adjustable Glute Bench
  • Plyo Cube
  • Boxing Bag
  • Climbing Rope
  • Dumbbells and Racks
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