Georgia Rugby are one of the world’s fastest growing Rugby Nations currently playing in the Europe Rugby Championship. In July 2022, Georgia beat a Tier 1 nation for the first time, Italy, 28-19 and in November 2022, Georgia beat Wales 13-12 in Cardiff and have qualified for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Georgia Rugby’s Performance Centre is based in Tblisi- prior to the 2023 World Cup Preparation camp budget was allocated to fully refurbish the Strength and Conditioning facility with new flooring and equipment. Due to their expertise in equipping Rugby Performance Centres including Wales Rugby and Scottish Rugby’s base at Oriam National Performance Centre in Edinburgh- Perform Better were selected to carry out the refurbishment. The PB design team worked closely with the GRU Performance team to design the layout and certain pieces of bespoke equipment.

Six Perform Better Elite Half Racks were installed along with a number of single station pieces - Dual Adjustable Pulleys, Lat Pulldown, Leg Extension, Bi-Lateral Leg Press and complemented by Assault bikes, Ski Ergs and Elliptical trainer. Eight GymAware Power Tools were specified to allow close monitoring of the players lifting velocities and power outputs. Duratrain Performance Flooring was installed along with a bespoke turf track.

The Equipment Installed Included:

  • Elite Half Racks x 5
  • Dual Adjustable Pulley x 2
  • Performance Squat Stands x 2
  • Lat Pulldown/Seated Row
  • Leg Extension
  • Bi-Lateral Leg Press
  • Prone Row Bench x 2
  • Adjustable Bench x 10
  • Olympic Discs and Bars
  • GymAware System x 8
  • Assault Bike x 9
  • Ski Erg x 4
  • Elliptical Trainer
  • Weighted Vests
  • Med Ball Throwing Wall
  • Iron Neck Pros
  • Smart Hurdles
  • Sleds
  • Kettlebell Set
  • Turf Track
  • Duratrain Performance Flooring
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