JOTA is one of the most experienced & successful sports car teams in recent history. The team have finished on the podium in LMP2 at Le Mans 10 times in the last 9 years; as well as finishing an unprecedented 2nd & 3rd overall at Le Mans in 2017.

Off of the track, Cassie and the JOTA team are also leading the field in developing comprehensive pit crew human performance programme. Utilising Xsens motion capture technology, the team are able to identify optimal pit stop choreography, reduce injury occurrence and inform training in the gym.

Perform Better were selected to design and equip the new Performance facility and we have consolidated the rack, free-weight storage, cable machines and attachments into a 12m2 area- maximising functionality whilst, minimising the footprint. The flooring is Duratrain Performance tiles with a bespoke branded turf track running down one side of the space. Branding was very important to the customer and we included branding on the Dumbbells, Plyo Boxes, Benches and Turf Track.

"Our aim for the new Jota gym was to create a performance centre
that included gym and pit stop area for our crew to practice. We
wanted a complete space that allowed the crew to transfer easily
between training for pit stops and training in the gym. We also
wanted a space all Jota employees feeling comfortable and confident
to use. Perform Better has been a fantastic company to work with.
We had a last minute can in a our gym floor space and Sam was able
to produce a functional and attractive space considering the changes.
Sam and Andy have always been available to provide any support
we have needed through the entire process. I can’t recommend them

It has changed the culture in the team. A lot of the crew members
have never set foot in a gym before and are now exercising before,
during lunch or after work. It has also changed how we train for our
pitstops. The crew have equipment to warm up with and also use for
active recovery between stops.”

Cassie McColl - Human Performance JOTA Racing

Equipment List:

  • Standard Power Rack with Integrated High Low Pulley/ Lat Pulldown and Storage
  • Adjustable Bench x 2
  • Leg Press
  • Branded Dumbbell
  • Set Foam Plyo Boxes
  • Concept 2 Bike x 2
  • Concept 2 Rower x 2
  • Concept 2 Ski Erg x 2
  • Duratrain flooring Turf Track
  • Graphix Platform.
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