R and R Clinic is a rehab facility in Crewe, Cheshire set up by Matt and Mark Radcliffe and designed to cater for the rehab and conditioning of both professional sports people and weekend warriors.

The facility is based in a large, converted Forge building and includes: a Pilates studio, multiple treatment rooms, rehab gym and a Conditioning room.

The Perform Better design team worked with Matt and Mark on utilising the Conditioning space and the Racks and Medicine ball wall were bespoke designed to fit onto the wooden beams in the facility.


Having worked with Matt Radcliffe throughout his career at numerous Premier League Football Clubs, as well as on elite athlete home gym projects, the R and R Physiotherapy team contacted Perform Better to be the preferred supplier for their new facility in Cheshire.

The PB team fitted R and R Conditioning facility with four bespoke wall mounted racks, medicine ball wall, Keiser FT, Keiser Performance Trainers, Keiser Squats, foam plyo boxes, dumbbells, discs, VertiMax and kBox.


  • Wall Mounted Performance Racks
  • Adjustable Bench
  • Medicine Ball Wall
  • Keiser Functional Trainer
  • Keiser Performance Trainer
  • Keiser Squat
  • kBox Lite Advanced
  • VertiMax V8
  • Rubber Dumbbells
  • Olympic Discs and Bars
  • Powerbags
  • Branded Foam Plyo Boxes


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