Perform Better's Staff Show Off Their Skills

Perform Better's Staff Show Off Their Skills

Show Off Their Skills

In partnership with Huddersfield FC, the staff at Perform Better enjoyed a jam packed team building day at Warwickshire Adventure to show off their skills.

The Team was divided into two groups each competing against the other on clay pigeon shooting, go karting, 4x4 driving, archery, hovercraft and an exciting task of deactivating the bomb.  Whilst Team B managed to deactivate without any 'casualities', Team A lost three members during the task - Ross Manester our Sports Scientist for not listening to instructions, Paul Caruana dropped the bomb and Dale Ingram was being too heavy handed!!

Team B won the overall day which was a great way of encouraging everyone to work together and has prepared us all for this month's schedule of installs.

Meet the PB Team HERE

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