Athlete Ambassador - Shona McCallin MBE

Athlete Ambassador - Shona McCallin MBE
Rising British hockey star, Shona McCallin, began playing hockey at the age of six and has since found herself on a rapid ascent through the ranks of elite international players. In 2007 and a year early, McCallin made her International debut on England’s U16 squad, in what would be the first of a remarkable 85 junior international caps.

McCallin has now blossomed into a senior level international. She lives and trains full-time with the English national team just outside of London. She achieved her 50th combined international appearance for Great Britain and England during the Final at the Rio Olympic Games, a historic night for Great Britain Hockey.

When not playing hockey, Shona enjoys relaxing and cooking while taking in sports of all kinds. McCallin is an active volunteer with Independent Age UK, a charity organisation that helps to combat loneliness among the elderly, and enjoys good chats over a cup of tea with the older community residents.  She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals through nutrition and fitness, and confesses to love crunchy peanut butter.

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