Everything you need to build an awesome home gym

Everything you need to build an awesome home gym

From exercise bikes to treadmills, dumbbells to yoga mats, here is our guide to the essentials you need for the ultimate workout!

Whether you've decided to ditch the gym for good and spend your money creating a sweet set-up in the comfort of your own home or you just want to add flexibility to where you get your workout, this is the guide for you.

Pre-covid, most of us probably didn’t even consider having a home gym situation. We might have a treadmill gathering dust in a cupboard or a few dumbbells stored away somewhere, but that was probably the extent of it. Now, home gyms are big business and with gym equipment becoming more and more affordable and smaller and more convenient to keep at home, it’s easier than ever to have some great equipment available whenever you need it.

Best treadmills

Whether you want to recreate the full gym experience or you just want something cheap and cheerful to keep active while WFH, there's a treadmill out there to suit your fitness needs.

Our pick?


The CT800 is stout and extremely durable, weighing in at over 350 lbs. The combination of the heavy-duty steel frame and aluminium console masts and side rails make it comparable to treadmills at much higher price points in the commercial market. The large workout area makes this model very appealing to walkers and runners and perfect for home use.

Best Exercise Bikes

If you've ever been to a spin class, you'll know that there's nothing quite like it. That said, spin classes don't come cheap, and that cost adds up pretty quickly. So while you might've previously considered the expense of investing in an at-home exercise bike to be a bit excessive, it turns out that they could save you a whole lot of money in the long run.

Our Pick?

Assault Airbike Pro

This new generation of Assault Bike combines the original design of the Classic with the top features of the Elite to create a hybrid bike that’s durable, low maintenance and built for hardcore use. Designed to automatically increase resistance as speed is increased, the Assault Bike Pro is 100% athlete powered – meaning you’re totally in control of your training.

Best Elliptical Machine

There are few machines that work as hard as an elliptical. It's like a handyman for your body: it can pretty much fix everything. An elliptical (or a crosstrainer) can improve your cardio, your strength, your tone... it works your arms, your legs, your glutes, your abs... honestly, there's not much these machines can't do. Best of all, they're low-impact, which means they're great for people recovering from injury or for people just embarking on a new fitness regime.

Our pick?

Keiser M5 Strider

Keiser M5 Strider uses the same magnetic resistance as the renowned M3 Spinning Bike. With infinite resistance adjustments, smooth resistance shifter and intuitive M series computer. the M5 is much smaller than other Eliptical Trainers measuring only 97cm x 71cm.

Best rowing machine

Rowing is one of the best activities you can do for your body, because it combines cardio with strength and resistance training. It will help keep your heart healthy and help you develop endurance, tone your muscles and strengthen your whole body. It’s one of the few “complete” exercises which works the shoulders, arms, back, abs, and your calves and thighs - so why don’t more of us have rowing machines at home?

Our pick?

Renegade Air Rower

Built to the same exacting standards as expected from the Renegade name, the Air Rower is a real animal. Delivering strong resistance with a combination of air and magnets, giving you the perfect rowing machine for HIIT workouts in the gym or at home.

Best weights and dumbbells

Increasing your physical strength and building muscle mass allows your body to better support you, helping you to avoid back pain and injury, and improve posture and coordination - among other benefits!

Our pick?

PB Rubber Dumbbells

Black Rubber Dumbbells with chrome comfort grip handles, available in pairs up to 50kg. A very versatile dumbbells that can be used for all workout styles.

Best Yoga Mats

Whether you're a yoga newbie or a seasoned pro, choosing the right yoga mat to suit your practice is essential. Your yoga mat is your connection to the earth beneath, and you want one that supports you at every stage of your yoga journey.

Our pick?

Yoga Mat

Made from Latex free PVC, available in a variety of colours to suit your home. Dimensions 183cm x 61cm x 4.5mm.

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